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  • Augment your sixth sense™
  • Use natural language to simplify your work and life
  • No complex training needed
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Work with innovators in natural language computing
  • Stay ahead of the competition using real-time intelligence
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Create charts and analyze your data by asking Ability7 Simplicity™ regular questions.

English, French, Italian, Spanish, and more.

Our technology was developed by graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and attendees of the Sloan School of Management.


“Chart our best customers and their locations.”

This is the command you give Ability7 Simplicity™ to create a chart dashboard.

No need to learn special software or get formal training

You can be up and running in minutes because the goal of Ability7 Simplicity™ is to understand you. Compare that to training everyone on your team to use Microsoft Excel or a special database. The tutorial for creating a chart using an Excel spreadsheet requires over 10 pages.

Focus on your core business and act with confidence

Ability7 Simplicity™ provides you the business information you need to confirm your hunches and make confident, data-driven decisions. You can now do this in seconds while you’re collaborating, instead of waiting for custom reports.

Work with innovators with enterprise experience

This type of decision support is called real-time collaborative intelligence and it will give you the ability to make better and faster decisions as your marketplace grows.

Our experience includes building Microsoft Windows and the Oracle Database at their respective headquarters. We bring this enterprise mindset to all facets of natural language computing.


Demonstration Videos

Answers to your questions from an uploaded spreadsheet.

Create a chart from a database, using a few simple sentences.

Ask your data questions in any number of languages. You don’t have to be perfect. Ability7 machine intelligence will understand you.

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Ability7 Natural Language Processing and Real-Time Collaborative Intelligence

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